Partner Program

What are the benefits of a partnership?

When becoming a partner with J Bridal, you gain automatic experience, recognition, and exposure in the bridal world, without the headache of running a bridal hair and make-up traveling team. Your company simply refers us business, and our company highlights your existing business which partners with our J Bridal Team and together We Bring Beauty to Wedding Parties across the country!

Bridal Remarketing

This Company is very unique and caters to our client’s needs. J Bridal is not only your company’s personal bridal hair and make-up traveling team for wedding parties, but, we also specialize in traveling for engagement photo shoots, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, girl’s night out, and many more! We don’t just offer our extended service menu to women in the bridal party, but also to men.

Groom Services

J Bridal has ownership of J Groom, our very own custom, and first ever hair and grooming team for the groomsmen of the wedding party. When you partner with J Bridal, you not only partner with a traveling hair and make-up team, but you partner with the future. This will ensure your business grows across the state and gains recognition across the country. Regardless of where the wedding party is serviced, if it’s your referral, you will get paid. Without spending time, energy, and financing, this opportunity will do more than just expand your business.

Promote Your Brand

In addition to profiting, your business will gain exposure, because you are featured in our marketing and highlighted in cross promotional material. Quarterly we come out with new displays and marketing material to expose J Bridal and J Groom into your place of business. Our goal is to create a home for this concept within your business. We also offer custom packaging for businesses that are more creative and unique, that utilizes your business specifics within our marketing. We help increase revenue into your business, not only through featuring your company on our website, through social media, and general marketing campaigns, but, we also cross promote and refer business to you with no additional cost.

Beauty Supply Options

J Bridal also houses their own make-up line (J Sole) that can be incorporated into your business display. This display and product line changes quarterly or seasonally, depending on contract period. When J Bridal pays your business for service referral, we also pay you for recommending our make-up. This program is also custom fitted to our client’s needs.

In Summary

J Bridal hires its own staff, but we can also work with you and your employees, if that is your desired goal for certain wedding parties. Each wedding has its own contract and once a month J Bridal will meet with you and update you on your calendar of events, service and retail productivity. We look forward to partnering with your business and creating unlimited success for everyone involved!